Google Cloud and App Engine monitoring & log analytics is a flexible and easy to use solution for monitoring apps hosted on Google Cloud Platform.

Track all requests to your app, discover what's really happening to your app, when you have errors, which parts of app makes most load, or which type of users have problems with accessing your site.

Make customer analytics dashboard with charts, plots, or maps. Based on request log, api costs, errors or any other data present in your logs.

Google Cloud / Appengine / Compute Engine
Kibana / ElasticSearch / ELK Features

  • Google Cloud Monitoring provides rich monitoring tools for app hostend on Google Cloud Platform. With using Google IAM it allows to start monitoring without modification of the target app. Please read more about our monitoring features

  • One-click install

    Easy setup, simple Google OAuth2 authorization to give TipTop access to your App Engine app logs. Don't need to install any additional software or make changes to your app

  • Powerful Log viewer

    Explore you app log, see errors and stacktrace. Slice and filter by any part of the data, by different parts of the app and by different clients.

  • Reports & Charts

    Understand your app, easily create bar charts, line and scatter plots, histograms, pie charts, and maps. Apply transformation to your data, aggregate, summarize, etc. Discover how your app really works

  • Multi user access

    Invite other people to see analytics and reports based on app logs & events

  • Open Source technologies

    Based on Kibana, a well known and most powerful open source tool for analyzing app logs