Monitoring provides Kibana, it's a ,ost popular and well known Open Source tool for log visualization, analytics and monitoring.

Kibana has a great community of experts. There're many books, tons of online tutorials and articles, and rich documentation.

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Kibana & ELK

One Click Install

Simple setup, use Google OAuth2 authorization to give TipTop access to your App Engine app logs. Access to app logs and metrics is protected by Cloud IAM.

You don't need to install any additional software or make changes to your app

Rich Visualization Tools

Track any other metrics that matter to your business.

Totals, average values, key metrics, and more. visualization tools provides all standard charts, including histogram, line and area charts, and maps. Users can filter and aggregate by any parameter, compare different sets and analyze data from every angle.

Project Users

Multi User Access

Share dashboards to provide others in your organization with visibility into your data.

Make different dashboard for different roles in your organization. Product specific metrics on Product Manager dashboard or Backend Performance for backend developers.

Private Cluster

For storage and analytics provides managed Elasticsearch cluster, which could be a shared one or a private cluster.

For a private cluster team will carefully analyze client needs, and provide most optimal solution. Optimal VM types, optimal memory and cpu, SSD disks where it needed, optimal cluster size, which will grow following all business needs. It can be hosted on Google Cloud or client’s private datacenter.

For App Engine

Designed for App Engine is focused on providing maximum details for Google App Engine application, as well as other Google Cloud Platform services.